Date: Tuesday 12 May
700 Swanston St Parkville
Venue: Carlton Connect Initiative, The University of Melbourne
Time: 6-7pm

It’s the summer of 2050 and after three consecutive days hotter than 47oC, including a new record temperature for Melbourne of 50oC, predictions of even hotter temperatures have thrown citizens into chaos. Your country has turned to you to solve the predicament. With your trusty advisory panel, decide on the best plan of attack and strategies to implement.

Baby it’s hot outside! is a ThoughtLAB-14 event run by the Carlton Connect Initiative at The University of Melbourne. We invite a guest panel to interact with the audience to collaborate on ideas, analyse evidence and dream alternative futures.

David Karoly (Professor of Atmospheric Science, School of Earth Sciences and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, The University of Melbourne), Chris Krishna-Pillay (Science communicator and performer), Tony Lloyd (artist)

Lara Olsen (Strategy Manager, CitiPower/ Powercor) and Ruth Fincher AM (Professor of Geography and Head of the School of Geography, The University of Melbourne).

Tix: Free booking essential

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Getting there:
Train Stop: Melbourne Central then Tram
Tram Stop: Melbourne University
Bike route:
ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2015 Map reference: 10

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